• Construction Services

Premier Partnership

At Radius Development Group, our principles for construction services are simple: exceed expectations of quality and safety, establish clarity around communication, always stay on schedule, and control the costs.

Our processes and project management approach enables to deliver the highest quality projects possible and ensure an outstanding experience from beginning to end.

Relying on the experience and knowledge attained from nearly two decades of construction and general contracting service, we understand the unique needs of every client.

Our methods range from hard bids where we have no involvement during the design phase, to an integrated approach where we play an active role beginning early in the design process.

Regardless of the engagement, each project receives an unparalleled commitment to quality from inception to completion. Each employee and team member understands the checks and balances that are implemented to ensure flawless execution and delivery of our construction services.

Example Services

  • Coordinating with local, state, and national governmental agencies to ensure workmanship compliance with building codes and permitting.
  • Plan review at various stages of completion for value improvement, constructability, and cost savings.
  • Establishment and monitoring of RFI log and submittal log.
  • Review and compiling completion documents such as as-builts, warranties, O&M Manuals, etc.
  • Evaluation, budgeting, and scheduling of initial project scope of work.
  • Participation in the creation of ongoing budgets and development of unit prices and allowances.
  • Establishment of procedures for coordination among trade contractors with respect to all aspects of project implementation.
  • Scheduling and coordinating progress meetings with key trade contractors, jointly discussing and resolving important project issues.
  • Onsite inspections for conformance to schedule, design, quality, and safety.
  • Review of change order requests, if necessary, for validity and pricing.
  • Review of payment requests from subcontractors and consultants.
  • Leading and monitoring the work of  trade contractors to complete the project in accordance with the quality, cost, safety. and time objectives.
  • Providing regular monitoring and updating of the schedule as construction progresses.
  • Providing summary reports — monitoring and documenting all changes in schedule.
  • Evaluating the adequacy of and making adjustments to the trade contractor’s personnel, equipment, and the availability of materials and supplies to meet the schedule.